Pogba completes knee surgery, Allegri expects January comeback

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Juventus have confirmed that Paul Pogba is a midfielder of perfume. underwent knee surgery everything is fine But the recovery time has not been revealed. While manager Massimiliano Allegri has pointed out that he could be in the 2022 World Cup.

Italian Serie A team Juventus have confirmed that French midfielder Paul Pogba Undergoing herniated disc surgery on the right knee is fine On Monday, September 5, but not yet identified. How long will it take to recover? Zebra coach Massimiliano Allegri is expected to return to help the UFABET team after the World Cup.

Pogba completes knee surgery, Allegri expects January comeback

The 29-year-old midfielder was injured during pre-season. Choose a non-surgical therapeutic approach for injuries. But the results are still not satisfactory. After being tested for practice two days ago. The club and the players themselves are of the opinion. Better to undergo surgery 

Most recently , the Bianconeri released a statement on the club’s official website saying. This evening Paul Pogba underwent laparoscopic discectomy by Professor Roe. Berto Rossi and Juventus team doctor Luca Stefani, the result was a complete success.

However, the time required for treatment was not informed. which previously The Macaroni media are expected to be out for another six weeks, but Juve coaches gave an interview ahead of Tuesday’s clash with Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Champions League group stage. September 6 that should be back early next year.

“I don’t know if he can play in the World Cup. That’s not my problem. I only know He will return in January for Juventus,” the 55-year-old said, and if that were the case Allegri had expected, Pogba would not be able to help. France national team defends the title at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. at the end of this November