Xavi reveals what he said to Pao before being red after Barca’s draw with Getafe

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Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez Criticized referees. After he and his players were shown red cards during last night’s La Liga draw with Getafe.

The Spanish La Liga 2023-24 season last night. Getafe opened the Estadio Coliseum Alfonso Perez to receive the visit of the former champions. Barcelona kicked off the first half in the 42nd minute, when Barça had to be reduced to 10 players when Rafinha elbowed a Getafe player. Causing him to be immediately sent off from the field by a red card. Before the end of the first half with a score of 0-0. Returning to play in the second half in the 57th minute. Getafe had to come down to 10 people as well when Jaime Mata had a yellow card to make a foul on Ronald A. Rao Ho , causing the second yellow card to become a red card, was sent off the field.

Xavi reveals what he said to Pao before being red after Barca's draw with Getafe

          Then, in the 70th minute, Barcelona manager Xavi another red card After protesting the timing that the team did not foul During the rest of the time, both teams could not do anything to add to the end of the game, Barcelona invaded and drew 0-0 with Getafe after the https://ufabet999.com game. Rafinha was also shown a red card after elbowing Gaston Alvarez, which resulted in his second yellow card.

    And after protesting what he thought should have been another red card for Getafe when Ace Abde was knocked down by Jene Dagonam , it was instead Xavi who was shown a red card and had to watch the match. The rest of the VIP seats on the amphitheater instead. Asked to reveal what he had said to the referee after the incident, Xavi revealed: “I told him they allowed a number of fouls and we didn’t (no fouls). That’s why. He fired me.”

          “The other day we had a meeting with the referee and one of the first changes. What they’re going to use in the regulations is that they’ll understand the coach better because we’re in a stressful situation. We try every way [To beat] a very tough opponent, we got 1 point which is not enough. It’s a pity,” Xavi told DAZN, which broadcasts the match in Spain.

          Xavi added: “If this is a game we want to sell as La Liga… it’s a disgrace. ” When Getafe’s defender fouled Ronald Araujo, it appeared that Gabi was handballed first. Xabi said “I didn’t see Gabi’s hand anywhere. I don’t like to face the referee. And I didn’t like today’s [judgment].”