Saudi Arabia 0-0 Thailand: Collected points after the Asian Cup game, the War Elephants reserve team draws with the top team in the continent, advancing to face Uzbekistan

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• Create a surprise with the first 11 players being used as substitutes for the whole team.
• Even more surprising by drawing a draw with the team at the top of the continent, Saudi Arabia, without conceding another goal.
Thailand enters the 2nd place of Group F which is ‘better’. ‘ Becoming the group champion again

Saudi Arabia 0-0 Thailand: Collected points after the Asian Cup game, the War Elephants reserve team draws with the top team in the continent, advancing to face Uzbekistan

Caused by…South Korea

With the national football tournament The knockout rounds are already planned. Who will the ทางเข้า ufabet group champion face? What kind of path will the group runner-up have? It’s not a lottery.

For South Korea to do things that might be considered a bit ‘lacking spirit’, such as trying to avoid Japan , should not be considered sinful at all.

The North Korean team entered the field in today’s quick match against Malaysia , who had already been eliminated from the round, knowing that if they continued to win and put a full 9 points into the bag, they would emerge as “Group E Champions” which resulted in the round. Page 16 The final team will meet the runner-up of Group D.

Incidentally, the runner-up in Group D was… Japan.

And who will be ready? “Jump into the fire” and find danger for yourself. Fight and try to avoid Japan before coming to test your luck with Group F. That can be both Saudi Arabia or Thailand or Oman, from whatever angle you look at it, it’s easier to hope for than Japan.

This may be the reason behind the 3-3 goal loss in stoppage time that went to 90+15, causing the game between South Korea and Malaysia to be a draw and South Korea entering second in Group E (while Bahrain beat Jordan 1- 0 is the group champion, going to meet Japan)

When the results show this picture Therefore inevitably it will affect the decisive game, Group F.

that both Saudi Arabia and Thailand already know that The group champion will face South Korea in the next round.

If you can avoid it, avoid it!

War Elephants, reserve set

Whether it was because of the above reasons or not, in the end, Masatada Ishii announced the first 11 players to meet Saudi Arabia, which came out shocking and much different from the expectations of every media.

There was no one in the first 11 who was a “repeat” , even Sarach Yooyen , who played in both the first two games, but was a substitute in both matches.

Although, on the one hand, it might be a little disappointing. that our real players Will not get a chance to experience the big game with the continent’s leading team, Saudi Arabia

But in one sense It’s only right that the main players get a break. To prepare the body for the next round. Especially when there are still some people who are expected to receive a yellow card. Catch up and get more yellows. It will be unnecessarily flat.

And to be honest, Thailand shouldn’t win this game if the full 3 points will send us to meet South Korea in the next round.

Here are the first 11 today. That some people are “The debut game” of the War Elephants also lost.

  • 20. Saranon Anuin : Chiang Rai United : 0 previous national team games

    2. Santiphap Channhom : BG Pathum United : 2

    16. Jakkphan Praisuwan : BG Pathum United : 11

    26. Suphan Thongsong : T Rue Bangkok United : 12

    21. Suphanan Burirat : Port Authority : 17

    6. Sarach Yooyen : BG Pathum United : 77

    5. Kritsada Kaman : BG Pathum United : 31

    19. Pathompon Charoenrattanapirom : Port Authority : 22

    24. Worachit Kanitsribamphen : Port Authority : 15

    13. Charoensak Wongkorn : Muangthong United : 10

    15. Theerasak Phephimai : Port Authority : 9