Red devil boss I sympathize with the team members, ordering to rest for 2 days to recover.

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Crispy as a cracker! Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag sympathize with his players due to physical exhaustion Therefore decided to rest for 2 days in order to recover the body and come back to fight

After the team “Red Devils” Manchester United, the giant club of English Premier League football, has a poor performance in the football league. After losing two games in a row, both losing Brighton 0-1 and losing West Ham United 0-1, until the UFABET team’s situation in winning tickets to play UEFA football Champions League next season must work hard in the remaining games.

Red devil boss I sympathize with the team members, ordering to rest for 2 days to recover.

from consecutive defeats Many people speculate that Erik ten Hag, the Dutch coach. May not be satisfied with the performance of the team. Until causing the need to train hard As in the previous case, ordering the “Red Devils” team to run an additional distance of 13.9 km after the team lost 0-4 to Brentford earlier this season. The type that the players even had their tongues hanging.

Recently, The Athletic, a world-renowned sports media News reports that Eric Ten Hag did the opposite of what many people expected. In which he expressed his sympathy for the “Red Devils” players because of their extreme physical condition. After continuously fighting hard Therefore decided to allow the team to rest for 48 hours in order to recover the body. And the mind after losing two matches in a row To be fully ready to return to the field again

For Manchester United during the past April, having to play continuously in the English Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Europa League, a total of 9 games in a row, resulting in poor results. Currently ranked 4th in the Premier League after 34 matches, 63 points, just 2 points behind third-placed Newcastle, but only one point behind 5th-placed Liverpool.

As for the next match program, “Red Devils Manchester United will open their home to meet “Wolves” Wolverhampton Wanderers at Old Trafford Stadium on Saturday.