‘PSG’ green light ‘Messi’ comeback practice despite being banned

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Argentine star Lionel Messi May be released from a ban prematurely after Paris Saint – Germain. allowed to return to training. Despite being suspended from work for two weeks from practicing to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia

Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi Received permission from the club to return to training. On Monday, after referring to apologizing to teammates and agency via personal Instagram. After disobeying orders to take the family to fly to Saudi Arabia in spite of having a queue to rehearse. Causing it to be hit by the famous team of the capital city of perfume two week ban Along with adjusting the wages

'PSG' green light 'Messi' comeback practice despite being banned

The 35-year-old star flew to promote tourism to the land of oil millionaires. For two days earlier this week. As the ambassador of that country By signing a contract to receive 25 million pounds per year, or about 1,082 million baht. Which is usually his holiday. But because PSG opened the house , losing to Lorient 1-3 on Sunday resulting in Christophe Galtier, the team’s coach, canceling the holidays on Monday, Tuesday and allowing the team to continue training immediately. as a punishment for poor performance

The captain of the Argentina national team who won the World Cup. Came out to give reasons for disobeying orders until being banned for two matches that It’s a predetermined trip. Cannot be undone because it had already been canceled once. Therefore having to travel importantly, he thought that he would get a day off after the UFABET game as usual, however, from the veteran spearhead. Agreeing to apologize, it seems that the tense incident will resolve

It is not yet clear whether Argentine football star. Will be given the opportunity to play in the next match in the open game at home to visit Ajaccio on Saturday May 13 or not? Because it’s still in the process of being put down by the sword. After losing the right to help the team in the Ligue 1 game that the agency went on to win Troyes 3-1 on Sunday. The past But from the club’s permission to practice, there may be a waiver.

For this time, PSG has played 34 games with 78 points, leading the crowd of the league. With six points behind second place Lens, with four matches remaining, if nothing goes wrong. They should defend the championship again, and the future of Messi will probably leave the team. After the contract expires at the end of the season. It was reported that May move to earn big money with Al-Hilal team in the Saudi Pro League next season