Everton coughs “Nathan Patterson” will be resting

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verton faced bad news again with the loss of Nathan Patterson, a Scottish defender. with an injury and will miss playing for the rest of this season. As well as missing the Euro 2024 final round at the same time.

The 22-year-old defender has a hamstring injury. and will definitely need to undergo surgery From injuries that occurred in the 6-0 defeat to Chelsea in the last Premier League game.

“It’s a shame the injury has come and it’s disappointing for him. It’s a shame. He’s come into the team. He’s doing well and I think he’s a good player. And it’s a shame what happened,” Everton boss Sean Dyce said.

“I am not very sure medically how long it will take to recover. I only know about the team. Nathan will need surgery and we hope he can recover as soon as possible.”

Speaking ahead of Everton’s game against Nottingham Forest on Sunday. Manager Sean Dyche said: “It was a very unfortunate injury and we’re very disappointed for him.

Asked whether the injury will jeopardise Patterson’s chances of being involved in Scotlands’s Euros campaign he added: “I don’t know on the medical side of the times but ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app I just know on this season and playing for us.

Everton is still in a precarious situation with avoiding relegation this season. The team is ranked 16th in the league, only 2 points ahead of the relegated teams, with the final 6 games remaining of this season.